Author John Sharpe is a Colorado native whose lineage includes lawmen, ranchers, miners and businessmen - with a couple school teachers thrown in for ballast. From selling donkey rides and gold ore specimens on the summer streets of Cripple Creek, Colorado until he retired from commercial lending in 2006, John has been training to write fiction, whether he knew it or not. If it took a bushel full of experiences to fill a novel, he has cultivated a small orchard. He’s been a teacher, a loan officer, a bartender, a fry cook, a real estate agent, an insurance salesman, a free lance writer, a photographer and a magazine editor. He’s bucked bales, poured concrete, built fences, pumped gas. He’s bucked off donkeys, horses, steers, bulls and one insulted sow. He'll tell you he isn't a cowboy. The sow will vouch for that.

    Stories need characters. Cripple Creek sure provided those. Crusty old miners, hardened railroad workers, weathered cowboys, proper school teachers, stern bankers, welcoming shop owners and a few rumored ladies of ill repute. All populated a town of eight hundred with three times as many bars as churches. Later, as Managing Editor for the Texas Longhorn Trails he visited ranches from the tip of Texas to Alberta and Santa Ynez to Tallahassee. Listening, learning, helping roundup, brand, birth and doctor their livestock. John was like a sponge, absorbing their personalities and idiosyncratic language patterns  while empathizing with their tragedies and rollicking in their triumphs - all the while savoring the smells and sounds of the terrain.

    His first Dr. Gil Tailor, D.V.M. mystery is NO MORE BULL. This story, set in Southern Colorado, is filled with all the action and suspense you’d expect from a story full of Longhorn cattle, bucking horses, rough and tumble cowboys and cute but tough cowgirls. You’ll want to go have a drink with these characters after you finish reading. Even if you've never been west, saddled a horse or handled a lariat, Sharpe’s writing will make you feel like you are there and one of the hands.

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